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Words That’ll Hurt Your Husband


One bad thing about taking others for granted is we start using bitter words that might hurt them. This happens mainly after marriage becomes a monotonous thing in your life.

When the communication between the husband and wife becomes rough, the relationship may turn bitter.

Let us discuss about some situations where quarrels might start. So, here are some words that may hurt your husband.

“Oh God! You’re Like Your Father…” When you want to criticise your husband for anything, you can always be direct instead of comparing him with anyone else.

“When Are You Going To Search For A Job?” If your man is sitting at home without working, remind him about the financial repercussions instead of sitting on his head to make him find a new job.

“My Mom Told Me About This…” Though your mom warned you about all the mistakes men do, don’t utter the words ‘my mom warned me….I knew this would happen’ etc.

“Leave It….I Don’t Need Your Help” When your husband tries to help you, if you push him away with harsh words, he may never offer help.

“You Never…” When something happens, if you start the blame game by saying “You always….” it would have a negative impact. Also, your man tries to defend himself.


“I Hate Your Friends…” Instead of generalising that all his friends are bad, try to be specific about why you hate a particular friend of your husband and explain the unhealthy effects of maintaining such friends.

“Do This, Don’t Do That…” If you keep giving instructions to your husband, your company may soon bore him. Do that only when necessary.

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