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9 Reasons Why A Woman’s VÀG!NÀ will SMELL & What to Do When You Have ODOR


Vág!nál odor is any odor that originates from the Vág!ná. It’s normal for your Vág!ná to have a slight odor. But, a strong Vág!nál odor. For instance, a fishy smell, might be abnormal and could indicate a problem.

It is normal that it has a certain odor sometimes. Whether this natural smell is neutral or not, it is a matter of personal judgment. In fact, some women notice their odor when there is no notable odor detected by their partners.

An abnormal Vág!nál odor is usually associated with other Vág!nál signs and symptoms such as itching, burning, irritation or discharge.

Here are 9 reasons that possibly causes smelly Vág!ná so you can stop feeling self-conscious & What to Do When You Have ODOR

#1. Excessive washing:

Even if you’re just washing your Vág!ná with warm water, excessive washing can still mess with the Vág!ná’s flora, causing an odor. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

#2. Allergy to condoms:

Some women are allergic to certain materials in condoms, which can throw off Vág!nál bacteria and cause odor.

#3. Douching:

This can mess with the pH levels of the Vág!ná and even cause a large amount of bacteria to grow. There is good and bad bacteria that can be down there, but the bad bacteria can cause a strong smell.

#4. Tight Clothing:

Wearing very tight pants or underwear can cause your Vág!ná to sweat, which can cause Vág!nál odor.

#5. Spicy Food:

Spicy food can cause a sudden increase in your Vág!nál discharge, which can cause Vág!nál odor.

#6. Sleeping with underwear at night:

According to reports, sleeping in the nude to air out the Vág!ná is the best way to go

#7. Laundry Detergent:

Laundry detergent with perfume or fabric softeners can irritate the Vág!ná, once again causing odor. Wash your underwear separately with unscented detergent.

#8. Pregnancy:

During pregnancy, many of vitamins and minerals are passed along to your baby, and this can throw off the pH levels in your Vág!ná.

#9. Sex:


You may notice Vág!nál odors accumulating directly after sex.

What to do when you have Vág!nál odor?

Many women believe that Vág!nál odor are the result of a lack of personal hygiene and wash excessively their Vág!ná unaware that they worsen the problem. While poor genital hygiene can be the cause, excessive washing is not the solution. Very often, women hampered by a strong Vág!nál odor should not begin to wash themselves intensively. That does not help at all. The first thing to do should be restoring the acidity and the balance of the Vág!nál flora naturally. That restoration cannot be done by excessive antibiotic intake; it decreases your immune system.

How to restore the balance of the Vág!nál flora?

The Vág!nál flora consists of a large number of microaerophilic bacteria. Among them, lactobacilli are considered the principal ones for their role in protecting the Vág!ná. These micro-organisms are primarily responsible for protective acidity of the Vág!ná. Wash the Vág!ná too often increases its pH, which disrupts the Vág!nál flora and can cause Vág!nál infections and particularly unpleasant odors. That is, do not rush to wash your Vág!nál excessively when you suffer from Vág!nál health issues.

If the Vág!nál flora is disrupted, pathogenic bacteria proliferate, resulting in bacterial vaginosis. This type of proliferation tends to increase the number of bacteria normally present in the Vág!ná causing unpleasant fishy Vág!nál odor.

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