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Why You Shouldn’t Compare Your Relationship With Others


At least once in your lifetime, you must have looked at other couples and wondered why your married life seems stuck. Read on to know why you should never compare…

Sometimes, when you see your friend happily enjoying a holiday with his wife, you may suddenly feel as if your life is stuck.

You sit and worry for a while wondering why your wife never gave you sweet moments. And then, your mind wanders even more to worry and brood over things matter for days together.

Basically, what you are doing is comparing your married life with that of your friend’s just to feel bad for some time. But that isn’t wise. You have your own plus points and your married life has its own sweetness that can’t be compared with others. Read on to know more…

Appearances Could Be Deceptive. As far as relationships are concerned, what comes across on the surface may not be the true picture. Your friend and his wife may be all smiles in public but they could be going through the same ups and downs or relationship challenges amidst closed doors.

Social Media Is Just Hype. Your friend may post the most beautiful pictures on social networking sites just to make the world think that all is fine. You need not take the same route as what matters is your inner satisfaction; not what the world thinks.

You Are Unique And Your Relationship Is Different. As human beings, we are all unique and have different personalities. So, you can’t expect your wife to behave or look like your friend’s wife.

Your Life Has Different Conditions. We are born in different families with different sets of conditions. So, you can’t compare your family life or married life with others as they have different conditions.

Your Guesses Could Be Wrong. Sometimes, all your guesses could be wrong. You might be envying your friend for enjoying a peaceful married life. But what if he is just hiding his midnight fights with his wife from you? Also, every guy may or may not share all the petty details of his life to save his self-esteem. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have any issues. Also, your issues aren’t really bad as all relationships do have their own share of ups and lows.


All Relationships Have Their Own Course. Many experts say that a relationship starts between two people only when there are some lessons to be learned and some pleasure to be shared. So, the worst moments you have had with your wife were only the lessons your soul needed.

And the best moment you had with your wife are the gifts of your life. Now, how can you compare your married life with your friend’s when your lessons and life experiences are totally different from his?

So, it is foolish to compare as we all have our own journeys and destinations in life. They are not the same for everyone.

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