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Why Nice Guys Always Get Dumped


Have you ever wondered why only the nice guys get dumped by the ladies they date? Well, today lovedigezt gives you a couple of brilliant reasons why these nice men have to see the bad end of a relationship.

Though it is not a good thing to witness in life, these reasons will surely shock the wits out of you. It is believed that most Indian men get dumped because of their infidelity and trust issues with their partners.

Here are some of the other reasons why the so called nice guys get dumped all the time, here you go guys, it is time to see the bitter truth:

A Cheating Partner: No lady wants to date a man who cheats on her. A man who has cheated his lady in the past will find another reason to do it again. In cases like this the basic foundation of a relationship dies out which is trust. A woman wants a man who she can trust and not the cheating flirtatious type. This is the reason why guys get dumped.

That Controlling Dude: In the world we live in today, staying or being in a relationship with a controlling man is not at all easy. No woman wants to live a life with a person who tells her what to do and which step to take next.

That Guy With Restrictions: One of the main reasons why nice guys get dumped is because he could be one of those lads who live with restrictions. Guys, if you’re in love with a woman, you can’t let her live by your rules. Keep that in mind!


The Dependable Guy: If you’re the dependable kind of guy, it is time you move on better pastures and live independently. A woman loves her independence and you living it off from her is something no one will stand. This is one of the major reasons why nice guys gets dumped.

That Reckless Guy: Reckless men are not a cup of tea for women. No woman wants to love and care for a man who only thinks about himself. So, if you got dumped by not caring about her, well done, buddy!

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