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Why MOST Women Love The BAD GUYS


Let’s begin by saying most women find bad boys really sexy. After all, what’s wild about the guy who balances his books, never stands you up, puts you first, and of course, calls you back? Don’t get ahead of yourself. We didn’t say anything about this whole sense of attraction being rational.

So, are you a nice guy? In that scenario, we don’t like you because:

  • You are often too good to be true
  • You’re not a “project” we can work on
  • You’re just a passive version of a bad boy
  • You tend to not have self-respect or have very low self-esteem
  • You’re just too predictable

And here’s the full disclosure list of exactly why we love bad guys:

  • The s*x is usually mind blowing
  • They’re typically charming
  • They’re usually incredibly selfish which gives us
    more space for me-time
  • The scope. They’re all about scope for improvement, scope for conversion, scope for romance, scope for exclusivity.
    We love scope.
  • Did we mention the s*x?

Guys, focus. Two out of five points we love about bad guys is
one thing we both really care about. Let’s walk you through how to be a bad boy then? Here are some quick fixes:

Be a man
Forget about whether you’re good or bad. Just stop being a boy. Bad boys usually project themselves as men. Work on being a man. This means you need to be strong, rooted in the moment, chase your dreams and make your vision come true.

Be independent
Nice guys are usually the definition of neediness. We love feeling
needed but there’s a limit. Don’t lean on us for every little need
and cramp our style please.

Be brutally honest
Cut out all forms of pretence and get real. If you don’t like something, don’t pretend to like it just because you fear hurting us. If you pretend, we feel the urge to pretend and you definitely don’t want us faking anything.

bad guys

Get fit
It’ll boost your confidence. It’ll make you look and feel better. It’s a commitment you make towards yourself to care for your body and mind. It keeps you energetic and makes you better in bed.

Get a life
We love attention from you but not all the time. Make us pine for it once in a while. We love it when you make us a part of your interesting life. And the key ingredient for that is an interesting life.

Smart women quickly move on from completely bad boys. The secret sauce here is a mysterious combination and a healthy balance between naughty and nice.

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