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Where You Sit At The Bar And What It Says About You


You can tell a lot about a person based on where they sit in a room, especially when that room is a bar full of people trying to find love or sex or a good drunken story. Even if people misjudge you based on where you sit in the bar, you should know that they are judging you. If you are hoping to meet somebody at a bar, you might be limiting yourself based on where you position yourself. You might also be attracting all the wrong sorts of people (you probably won’t attract a kind, thoughtful man if you sit on the bar, with a straw stuck in a bottle of tequila). You might be scaring off that one guy you always want to talk to because you sit in the chair tucked behind the stage. Here is a look at what where you sit at the bar says about you.

RIGHT BY THE DOOR. It could mean that you fear competition, so you want to be the first one to spot a cute guy when he walks in so that you can pounce. It could also look like you’re waiting for a date to show up.

IN THE CENTER OF A CROWD. If you position yourself in the very center of the crowd, then you’re probably very social! You want people to be aware of your presence and feel welcome to talk to you, but you don’t need to be the center of attention.

AS SEPARATE AS POSSIBLE. If you sit totally solo, putting as much space between you and other people as possible, you might look like you don’t want to be there at all. At best, you may attract a man hoping to prowl on what he perceives as a loner.

IN A BACK CORNER. If you sit in a back corner, it looks like you are judging people. You like to sit somewhere where nobody can really see you or judge you, but you can gather all of the information you need.

BY THE BAND. If you sit by the band, you look like you love life, like you’re open to whatever happens (since the band may pull you up on stage), and you appreciate artists and performers. But it does make it hard for men to approach you.

FACING OUT FROM THE BAR. If you sit at the bar, but you turn your chair around, so you’re facing the room, you look very inviting. This position almost screams, “Come talk to me.”

AT THE ACTUAL BAR. There’s a lot to be said for sitting at the actual bar rather than at a table. It instantly makes you more approachable, since you don’t look like you’re there with a set group.

AT A TABLE TOO BIG FOR YOU. If you sit at a table for six, but you’re by yourself or have one friend, you can look high maintenance. Larger groups could have used that table.

NEAR A WALKWAY. If you sit near a walkway or some area that makes it easy for you to escape quickly, this says that you’r

IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR FRIENDS. If you sit in the very middle of your friends, you look like you don’t want men to talk to you. Your friends are basically your guard dogs.

ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE CIRCLE. If you sit on the outside of the circle, you look like you’re a little more open to meeting someone. But try not to look around constantly, because then it looks like you can’t focus on the friends you came to the bar with.

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BY A WINDOW. If you sit by a window, you look like you’re always looking for the next best thing. You want to be able to check out every guy in this bar and every guy that walks by outside.

NEAR THE BUSSING AREA. If you sit near the bussing area, you can look very laid back and down to earth. You feel uncomfortable just being a patron and being waited on, so you like to sit by the staff.

CLOSEST TO THE BARTENDER. If you sit by the bartender and talk to him constantly, it can look like you want to meet someone, but you’re a bit embarrassed about it. So you didn’t commit to bringing friends because they could interfere with flirting, but you still need someone to talk to if you feel lonely.

ON THE PATIO. If you sit on the patio, you can look like you just want to be left alone. A group of women on the patio probably just want to catch up, but they want to be away from the action.

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