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What You Should Never Say To Your Girlfriend


Some words act like acid. They burn relationships. That is why ancient wisdom says “You don’t need to be concerned much about what goes inside your mouth, but be careful with what comes out of your mouth!’

It just means that you should choose your words carefully. When you are comfortable in a relationship, you tend to be a bit careless about your choice of words.

That might burn your bridges. So, here are some words you should never utter in front of your girlfriend.

“I have lots of female friends” Firstly, there is no point in bragging about such things. Secondly, even a secure woman might feel insecure if you talk about the females in your circle. It’s a foolish thing to do.

“You think too much” Never say that to any woman. Yes, a million thoughts pass through their heads when they are worried. Your words make things worse for her.

“Stop talking to your male colleague” She’ll feel hurt if you say so. She thinks you are suspecting her. She doesn’t want your interference in her matters even though you are her boyfriend.


“Let me see your phone” Her phone contains all secrets of her world. Touch it at your own risk. She may flare up or feel awkward if you ask her phone. Let her just be.

“What’s your password?” Gone are the days when couples shared everything including passwords. So, don’t try to ask such things at least till you marry her. Even after marriage, there is no guarantee that she’ll share her passwords with you.

“Your Tummy is growing” She might feel like killing you if you talk about her growing tummy. In fact, it is not fair to talk about someone’s body. She knows what to do about her weight. Just wait patiently instead of making her feel conscious.

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