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LADIES!! What To Do If Your Boyfriend Asks You To Send Him Your Revealing Pictures


When you are dating a guy, he would be missing you too often. And when he is missing you, he might feel like seeing you. And then, he might call you up and ask for a picture of yours. There is nothing wrong in it.

But what if he asks for a revealing picture? Would you give? Well, it is completely up to you but wait! If you are reading this then you have your own doubts!

Firstly, you can simply say no and if truly loves you, he won’t feel bad about that. He would at least ask for a decent picture instead of a revealing picture if he is really missing you so much.


The problem is: in today’s world, sharing a private picture can be dangerous as anything can happen over the Internet. Websites can be hacked, mailboxes can be copied, gadgets can be stolen and information theft can happen anytime. If that happens, your pictures may surface on the web in unexpected places!

Of course, making him happy is your objective. Ask him to meet you somewhere if he is missing you. Tell him about your concerns regarding privacy of pictures. Tell him that you trust him but can’t trust the security of the Internet.


Or else, tell him that you aren’t comfortable with such stuff. There is nothing wrong in saying no to things which disturb you.

Right now, he means everything to you. But what if you choose to move on in future? What if he refuses to delete your pictures on his gadget on that day? Would you still be comfortable?

Well, it is up to you but this post is just to indicate the potential dangers of sharing private pictures over the net.

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