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Types Of Men In Women ‘Hate List’ CHECK THIS GUYS!!


There are types of men which gets into the nerve of the women. It is best not be such type of a man if you plan to be in the wish list of the girl. Let’s check out the types of men women hate.

Moody guys: Women hate men who are moody and a man who talks or behaves normal when he is in a good mood makes the woman hate him. If you are a moody guy then it is best to change your nature. Don’t be reserved. Be open!

Inexpressive guys: Women hate this type of men who are not expressive and always tells “You say”. Girls are talkative so they don’t realize that the guy is not talking or expressing himself. To cater to the romantic needs of the girl, be expressive.

Flamboyant guys: Women hate to date guys who show-off. Be a natural guy if you want to please a woman and win her. Don’t woe her with the things you have rather try to woe her with what you are!

Immature & careless guys: A woman always want to be controlled by the maturity level of her man. Immature, careless and irresponsible men are in the hate list or avoid list of women.


Over-possessive guys: Women hate this type of men. Men are possessive but sometimes the over-possessive nature of a man irritates the woman and make her get away from the relationship gradually. Give her freedom in the same way as you desire for yourself and trust her.

My priority guy: This type of men are in the hate list of women. It is because he has other priorities before his girlfriend such as friends, education and own self. It is best for such men to be single than hurting the feelings of women.

Women therefore hate these types of men. If you want to get committed by winning her then remember, what women love!

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