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Things You Should Never Fail To Tell Your Wife Daily


Many marriages in the society have broken due to negligence; relationships go sour when the people involved do not get the desired attention. Men particularly have a lot of things to do in order to make their marriages last longer. Some men start to see their wives as housemates after a while; they stop seeing the ladies they fell in love with in them.

They treat them like they do not love them. Women want their husbands to give them all the attention they want, they do not want the love they share to grow cold. Most of these ladies have been prepped about marriage and the roles they are expected to play in it; they are willing to make it work if only the men would give them the support they need.

He who finds a wife finds a good thing; it is important for men to care for their wives and treat them like treasures. Women do not like being ignored, they got married because they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with you. Do not make them make the children their best friends because you could not be there for them. Even though children are important, men should play their parts as husbands. There are certain things you should never fail to tell your wife daily if you want to get the best from her.

Find some of these things below:

#1. Tell her she is beautiful. Men should never fail to tell their wives how beautiful they are; this would make the women feel good about themselves. Remember you are their mirror, they value your opinion above every other person’s. Women do not feel good about themselves every time; as their husbands, you are expected to make them feel beautiful inside out despite the physical changes they are going through.

#2. Encourage your wife to do those things she is good at. Everyone has one issue or the other; while you are both striving to have a breakthrough in life, encourage her to do the things she is really good at. Remind her of her talents and gifts, give her ideas about the things she could do that would make her get the recognition she desires. This would make her respect you more and have your own interest at heart too.

#3. Hail her always. Marriage could be draining; women feel overwhelmed with the things they have to do in order to keep their homes. Looking after the children, taking care of their space and managing their businesses and career could put a strain of them. As husbands and men of the house, you should praise your wives from time to time. Appreciate them from time to time. This would renew their strengths and inspire them to do more. Tell her she has been a loving spouse and a wonderful mother to your children.

#4. Make her feel wanted with the things you. Some men feel they do not need to drop the sweet lines they used to share with their partners before marriage as soon as they are married. Some of them ignore their wives all day in the house; the only time they speak to them is when they are barking orders. Your marriage would remain evergreen if you talk to your wife from time to time, should find a way of letting her know your thoughts towards her. Do not let this be mere words alone, make move to spend more time with her.

#5. Constantly tell her she is your better half. Men should never fail to tell their wives how much they love them. Remind her of the beautiful things you have done together. Tell her how much she makes you complete. She is your better half, do not ever forget to make her feel that way when you relate with her. If you do this always, you would not find solace in the arms of other women.


#6. Tell her you love her daily. Have you told your wife you love her today? You should always tell your wife how much she means to you. Make her feel needed and loved at the same time. Even though your bodies are constantly changing, let your hearts continue to sing the same love song. Do not give up on the love that has brought you this far in the marriage.

#7. Always use these magic words for her. There would be moments when you both would have misunderstandings, to err is human and to forgive is divine. Do not let ego ruin your home; treat her like an equal. She is your friend, your lover, companion, critic, mother and helper. Do not let pride get in the way. Always say ‘thank you’ for the beautiful things she does. Say ‘please’ when you need her to do you a favour; never fail to say ‘sorry’ when you know you have wronged her.

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