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7 Things That Are Only True In P0RN


We want you to know that these X-ratεd clips; P0*n aren’t the real deal. Check out some of the most unlikely, unrealistic, and sometimes laughable sεxpectations we get from P0*n:

#1. EVERYONE HAS AN climax…EVERY TIME. So you don’t always climax, and that’s totally fine. You can still have awesome s*x without an climax.

#2. YOU ALWAYS CLOCK AT LEAST 30 SCRIPTED MINUTES IN BED. Hey, quickies happen, and they can be great. Other times, you may keep the action going for hours. As long as your needs are being met, who needs a time frame?

#3. YOUR GUY’S SKIN IS AS SMOOTH AND SOFT AS CHANNING TATUM’S. Manscaping may be required in P0*n, but it’s not always the norm in real life.

#4. MISSIONARY IS OUT. WHIPS AND CHAINS ARE IN. We’re all for experimenting in bed, but that doesn’t mean you need to try something new every single night. The bottom line: Do what feels good.

#5. YOUR REACTIONS ARE ALWAYS OSCAR-WORTHY IN BED. When something feels good, definitely let your partner know. But that doesn’t mean moaning so loud your neighbors hear it. Women tend to see things in P0*n they think they need to mimic, “like false or over-exaggerated enthusiasm instead of just your natural response


#6. UNCIRCUMCISED GUYS ARE A THING OF THE PAST. You may not see it on screen, but there are still a ton of guys sporting man-hood sleeves.

#7. WHAT A COINCIDENCE—YOU BOTH WANT TO HAVE s*x ALL THE TIME. There are a number of reasons you’re just not in the mood. And a ton of men have issues with erectile dysfunction—even guys under 40. So don’t worry if one or both of you isn’t raring to go 24/7. That’s normal!

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