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Things She Never Tells You But Expects From You!


Things She Never Tells You But Expects From You! She expects certain qualities in you but hates to explain all that to you. What are they? Read on to know…

Women have some basic expectations from a man. They will be happy if a man meets those expectations without being told.

And yes they would hate to explain what all they expect in a man. So, it would be better if you can understand more about her basic expectations. Here are same of them.

She Expects You To Look Good. Women want their men to be presentable. Of course, she loves all your qualities like your loving and caring natures. But when you go out with her, she expects you to groom yourself well so that she feels proud to walk with you or introduce you to someone.

She Wants You To Be Cleaner. Cut your nails and keep your body dirt free. Though she will never tell you openly, she expects minimum cleanliness.

She Doesn’t Like Your Wardrobe. Many women wonder why men choose certain colours and stick to them instead of experimenting. So, she might be wondering when you will change your wardrobe.

She Expects You To Be Romantic. Irrespective of the time and situation, she loves you if you can be romantic. She likes you to care for her, adore her, admire her and love her.


Sometimes, She Wants ‘Alone’ Time. Sometimes, she might see you as an intruder. Though she might not tell you openly, she wants to spend some time alone which means she doesn’t want you around.

he Wants You To Be Sharp. Even if you are very handsome, if you are not intelligent or smart, she might find you boring. Of course, you don’t need to be an ‘Einstein’ to win her, but you must be able to engage her with a good conversation.

She Wants You To Make Her Feel Unique. This is an expectation that no woman openly tells you. But if you make her feel special, she will like you. Also, she wants you to feel special for being able to win her.

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