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Sure Signs He Will Be A Major Disappointment In Bεd


As much as the world preach chastity and abstinence when relationships are being discussed, women also want to know things that will hint them about the future they might be having with their partners.

Even though many people in the society throw awkward glances at women who talk openly about their sεxυal preferences, the topic is something that has to be discussed no matter what because it has to do with their happiness at the long run.

Of what use will it be for you to endure the quiet walk of abstinence only for you to be disappointed when you finally give in? When youths are being encouraged to keep their marriage beds undefiled, it will be nice for the consummation to be worth it.

Men know the things they look out for if they want to know if they will find fulfilment with some women. It is not bad for the women to also know what to look out for in order to have the best out of the relationship.

Before you decide to walk away, find out some of the signs that show he is bad in bed:

#1. Sloppy kisser Eeewwwww! The thought of having someone depositing large amounts of saliva in your mouth while kissing is disgusting. If he cannot kiss you without making a mess of it, then you should know that he will be terrible in bεd. If he mistakes your nose for your mouth, then he is most likely to miss the hole he should put his w*lly into.

#2. He is rigid. Do not take this sign for granted when you see it. A man that believes strongly in a particular way of doing things will dull you in bed.

He may find it hard to try out new methods of doing things; this attitude may be extended to your bedroom activities. If you get married to him eventually, you may have a permanent sεx position. For someone not exposed like that, you can guess what position that will be.

#3. When he is not hard-working. A man who is lazy may not be able to meet your expectations in bεd. They end up becoming husbands that touch their wives once in a month. A man who is agile and active will leave you yearning for more in bεd. Do not ignore this sign if you want to get the best from the relationship.

#4. When he is untidy. When he gives you a story about why he cannot keep his space clean because of the job he does, you should consider how clean he will be down there.

This may end up being his excuse to skip having his bath and shaving. If he untidy and rough, he may not pay attention to details. His dirtiness may be a major turn off for you when you are in bεd. Body odour, smelling socks and bad breath will never get you wεt.

#5. When he is selfish. A man who is only concerned about his needs will leave you hanging in bed. As soon as you notice your opinion does not matter, then you should know he will be a major disappointment in bεd.

If he does not listen to you when you talk, he will not pay attention to your body and your needs. Making lovε will be a race to him; as soon as he reaches the finishing line, you will be left to take the walk alone.


#6. When he boasts about his sεxυal skills. Please do not take this sign as a lead, there is absolutely no reason why a man should tell you about his skills in bεd before you ever get the chance to slεεp with him. There are two things involved here; if he is not a player who will kiss and tell, then he will be bad at the main act.

He is making these boasts to boost his ego. If you do not want the world to know the sounds you make when you moan, do not consider giving in to him.

#7. When you do not feel good about yourself with him. If you ignore the signs above, you should never ignore this one. A man that pays little or no attention to you during the day may mistake your toe for your nipplε.

He is bound to be a major disaster in bεd if you go on to slεεp with him. And if by chance he is not, he may find it difficult to remember your name the morning after. Which would you prefer?

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