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Signs You Are More In Love Than She Is


In every relationship, it’s normal for your partner to be more into you than you are into her depending on the time you have been together.

The love and commitment in a relationship is supposed to balance as time goes by.  Below are signs you are way more into her than she is into you.

You always text her first and she is reluctant to reply. If you’re always the one reaching for the phone to plan all of the dates, without any effort on her part, then she is not falling hard for you.

From the first kiss to first sεxυal encounter, every woman who truly loves you won’t forget those sugar-coated memories. Women are always passionate about anniversaries, birthdays, and other milestones; it is ingrained in their minds. If you are the one reminding her of such occasions, than she is not fully commitment to the relationship.


Most women want to show off their man in this era where social media rules. They always use social media to give insights of their lives. If she is not willing to go public then she is not really into you.

If she constantly rejects to propose to spend time together, have dinners or on a party even on her birthday then she is definitely trying to hide the relationship. She just does not want to meet your friends and family.

Most women want to be pampered, love and cared for at all times. If you always say the magic word, ‘I Love you’ and she gives you a surprise implicating she is not ready then you are way more into her than she is into you.

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