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Signs You Are Dating A Man-Child


Dating men can be quite a challenge. It requires fine tuning to adjust with the different traits or characteristics of a man. Though it is said that women are difficult to deal with or understand, there are many things which will make you realise that even men are equally difficult to deal with or handle.

In this article, we are here to share some of the signs that show you are dating a man-child. These kind of men can be the most difficult to handle, as they do not take things easily and let bygones be bygones. These signs that are listed here show how to recognise if your man is an immature child living in the body of an adult, which certainly makes it difficult to understand or adjust with such men.

So, find out more about the signs that you are dating a man-child. Who’d like to deal with a mama’s boy? We bet there’s no one like that! Therefore, these signs can help you identify if your man’s a mama’s boy or a man-child, which can certainly help you handle him with care, read on.

He Lives Only In The Present: He only lives in the present and thinks about what’s important for today. If he is not having any future plans, then it is one of the biggest signs to show that he is immature or not serious about the relationship. A mature man would think about the future as well.

He Does Not Pick Up After Himself: This can be anything that he does. He would not be interested in picking up his clothes and is quite messy in dealing with things. He is certainly not organised and does not even bother to be one. This is another sign of being an immature.


He Is Too Close To His Mother: This sign can totally make you feel that he is still not ready to come out of his mama’s shade. If he cancels the date with you or still borrows money from his parents and does not wish to return it, these are sure-fire signs of being an immature person.

He Is Recklessly Impulsive: If your man is impulsive and acts first and apologises later, it is a sure sign of him being a man-child. This could mean anything from making spontaneously big purchases to doing anything at that very moment. This is a sign that can create issues in the relationship.

He Avoids Serious Conversations: He totally avoids serious conversations which will make you realise that he is still an immature or is just trying to run away from the relationship. The last thing he would want is being confronted and he would do anything to run away from his responsibilities.

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