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Signs She Lost Interest In You!


Women generally show certain clues when they give up on a relationship. Here are some signs she lost interest in you.

Anything can happen. We can’t simply take relationships for granted. Your girlfriend may find you boring, she might feel like moving on or she might even feel like cheating you.

You need to be aware of such situations so that you will be able to analyse the situation on time instead of living in darkness for long.

And yes, there is nothing wrong in losing interest; therefore, you can’t judge your girlfriend as good or bad if she loses interest in you. So here are some signs.

Previously, she used to come closer even in public places. She used to hug you and used to feel as if your touch is all she wanted. But nowadays, she is not letting you hold her hand even in private, right? That indicates that her interest in you is fading. Yes, she is losing interest. But don’t blame her. You did something wrong. It is time to introspect.

Previously, she nodded her head for whatever you say. Nowadays, she is contradicting every single statement of yours. What’s wrong? Well, she lost interest.

Previously, you were her center of the universe. But nowadays, she always talks about that smart colleague who joined her office recently. She constantly talks about how intelligent that guy is but she actually wants to talk about his cuteness! She might have lost interest in you, but it is not her mistake. Women don’t give up so easily. They give up only when men fail to love.


Previously, she used to include you in all her future plans and trips, but nowadays, she is talking more about her solo travel plans. Yes, she wants to travel alone as she feels that she needs a break.

Previously, she was always there by your side, but nowadays she is coming up with excuses. She is spending more time with her colleagues but not you, right? She lost interest.

Previously, she always perceived you like a hero and whatever you did seemed cute to her. But nowadays, she spends more time criticising and less time talking to you.

That means the beauty in your relationship is gone. It is better to look within yourself and try to figure out where things went out of the hand.

There is no use in blaming others. It is better to let her fly free while you realise where things went wrong. If you think there is no mistake of yours then realise that you deserve someone better and move on instead of forcing her to give you more attention.

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