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Prevent Bad Breath With These 6 Tips


What do you do if someone has bad breath? In some cases, this is due to digestive problems, gum problems and even improper brushing of the teeth. We tend to minimize the situation, but the truth is that sometimes bad breath causes couples to become distant, children suffer from lack of acceptance or grandchildren flee from the presence of grandparents. Halitosis affects family relationships. As for the person who has it, the fact is that bad breath always causes a certain degree of isolation from colleagues, friends and family.

Here are some tips for you to have fresh breath and healthy teeth:

#1. Drink plenty of water

Dry mouth helps the bacteria remain in it. If you take a small bottle with you wherever you go, it will be easier to remember to drink it.

#2. Learn to brush correctly: While brushing your teeth, pay special attention to the point where your gums attach to your teeth. At that point, tilt the brush at 45-degree angle so that the bristles can thoroughly clean the tooth. In addition, floss, swish mouthwash vigorously and brush your tongue. It is also important that you brush twice a day to avoid damaging your tooth enamel.

#3. Brush on the go: Take a toothbrush with you to brush after each meal. Using gum or breath spray can be beneficial as well.

#4. Eat breath-freshening food: Both mint and parsley are foods that contribute to have pleasant breath. Cinnamon and cloves are very helpful as well.

Mouth Odor

#5. Don’t go too long without eating: If you fast or don’t eat for a long period of time, your mouth will be dry and you will be more likely to have bad breath.


#6. Be careful with mouthwash: Contrary to popular belief, the use of mouthwashes is not advisable to avoid bad breath. Some experts believe that mouthwashes infused with a lot of alcohol dry salivary glands and contribute to halitosis.

If you have tried these tips and bad breath persists, its origin may not be in the mouth, but in the digestive tract or another medical condition. This is a sign that you should consult your trusted doctor.

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