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Why Pretty Girls Are Accused Of Being Unable To Makε Lovε


When you are a very pretty girl, you have so many boys (and maybe girls) coming at you for so many but one reason only – hot dreamy sεx! But why are my male friends complaining bitterly that pretty girls nowadays are practically incapable of sat!sfying their mεn in bεd?

It’s hard to understand and/or believe that hot chicks can’t handle the d!ck! Most of my boy friends claim that pretty girls pay more attention to being pretty that they forget why they try to be pretty in the first place.

Some of these guys think that when a girl does everything possible to look good, it’s for her to get a man or the right man (errrr…) Most of the guys I know believe that the bottom line in every relationship between a girl and a guy is “s’εx must be amazing”. Which seem to be the deal in this 21st century. However, why would a “pretty” girl be unable to f*ck!?

In America for instance, where plastic/cosmetic surgery seems to be the in-thing, it’s hard to think that after all cut and shaped, these beautiful women can’t give the best s’εx in the world. Back here in Africa, to be specific, boys even claim that the very “endowed” women are lazy in bed. All they want to do is lie on their backs or hang their bμtts in the air. But men say great sεx takes more than the d**gy and missionary stylεs.

Our modern-day men want to do virtually everything they see in the movies. They want to explore the walls, bathrooms, kitchen tables, the couches, the car and so many other awkward places and positions but don’t they have to have the muscles for that kind of s’εx too?

More than 50 per cent of the men in Africa work so hard they don’t need the gym to keep them fit. They spend most of their time chasing money that they rarely have as much s’εx as they wish they did. So, when they get off duty on those Friday nights, s’εx, alcohol, parties and hang outs take priority (not all men).

These group of men are usually the ones complaining about fine babes not being woman enough for their urges. Some of these men want to act un recorded p*rn movies but forget that these girls also work as hard to achieve what they have. They are also tired and s’εx is hardly what they want to do first. They just want to rest at home, in a spa or with their girlfriends on weekends … not on top of a pεnis!


However, if most men accuse women of not taking good care of them s’εx wise, then there is some truth in there. Having a great body, big *ss, huge chest, biggest lips or deepest va**na doesn’t mean you know how to use them when need be. According to fitness trainer Uzi, “regular exercising greatly improve our s’εx lives because it increases our lib!dos and  keeps the body flexible for easy movement during s’εx.” How many of these women exercise?

It turns out less people eat right. Lesser even do exercise but many want to be the greatest in s’εx! I encourage both our men and women to see s’εx as an art which needs to be perfected every time. Be adventurous, stylish and most of all have fun and be satisfied. Don’t just look s’εxy when you know you can’t survive two rounds. I think you are sending the wrong message.

I can’t say, don’t look amazing but when your motive is to get the hottest man in the room, office, neighbourhood, club or church, make sure you are up to the task when it comes to s’εx!

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