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MEN: Why You Need To Change Your Dating Patterns After 30


Men’s dating decisions or patterns tend to change with age. Of course, you tend to mature with age. If your relationship choices aren’t changing with age, it just means that you are not learning anything.

The quality of your relationships decides the quality of your life. Hasty relationship decisions can be very dangerous to your physical and financial health after 30.

Therefore, men must carefully tread in the world of relationships after crossing 30. Stop looking for the thrill that you wanted as a teenager. Now that you are a grown up, look for something else in the relationship. What’s that something else? Read on…

Learn From Your Past: The fact that you are single explains a lot about your mistakes. Learn from them and don’t repeat them.

Stop Obsessing Over Looks: Remember this: looks give you the high only for a short span of time. Once you get bored with looks, only the quality of the bond saves a relationship.

Don’t Go Physical: Unless you are sure that she is your future, don’t get physical as that would again make it tough for you to move on. You may get addicted to her physical side if you try such things.

Think Beyond The Bed: Bed pleasures are only one small aspect in marriage. So many other things matter. Give them more preference.

Realise That You Can’t Change Anybody: If both of you aren’t getting along well, it means you are incompatible. But your lust may make you think that you can change her after marriage. Don’t fall in that trap.

Find A Wife Not A Girlfriend: As your age increases, you need the companionship of a good woman. Stop searching for a girlfriend and start looking for a wife who can take good care of your tired life.

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