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MEN: 8 Signs You Should Make Your Girlfriend Your Wife Immediately


Everyone keeps asking when you are going to get married (It’s getting a little out of control). And maybe the people have spoken and the people are right. But getting married is actually a pretty big deal. I mean, we’re talking about a lifetime commitment here. Hopefully this list can help you see signs you should take her to the altar immediately.

#1. You’re incredibly happy to see her: If seeing your lady fills your heart with everlasting joy, you need to make sure you get to see her every single day (aka marry her).

#2. She doesn’t take herself too seriously

If she can laugh at herself, she’s probably the kind of person who can shrug off mistakes and move on, which is a pretty great trait to have in a future spouse.

#3. You want to be her kids’ dad: If you want to father her children, you should probably marry her. Also, if she’s the kind of woman you want to mother your children, that’s a great sign as well.

#4. She cooks amazing pancakes: If your lady has some kind of special talent like pancake art, don’t think you’re going to find someone as awesome somewhere else. You’re lucky to be with her and all her special traits.

#5. She’s smart: If your girl has a quick wit that takes her places but keeps you on your toes, she’s a keeper.


#6. You love her when she’s crazy: You don’t have to be super attracted to her when she’s being a terror. But if you still love her when everything terrible is happening, you need to marry her.

#7. She loves you too: If she loves you as well, this is the lady you are looking for.

#8. You can’t imagine life without her: If you go dead trying to imagine a future without her in it, just wife her already.

Enough said, what are you waiting for?

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