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Learn Why That Boyfriend Of Yours Will Not Marry You


By now you should have known that not all relationships end in marriage; you should have known also that the number of years you spend dating is not an automatic ticket to marriage.

It is incredibly sad seeing lots of women subject themselves to torrents of pains and emotional traumas because of the guys they are dating. While we may not be at liberty tell you dating your partner for many years is not healthy, we also expect you to know what to do with your time. It is quite possible for you to date someone for six years and still get married to him; some people even date for longer time and end up together. These are rare cases that have been sealed; some people meet their life partners and get married to them in less than six months.

Comparing the pattern of your affair with that of your friends will only leave you bitter and enraged. Relationships could be very funny; there have been instances where ladies got jilted by their partners only for the guy to end up being married months after that.

Dating a man for a long time sure has its ills; even though it gives you more time to know the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, you also stand the chance to lose out as you will be getting more than you bargained for. Some men would not marry you irrespective of the things you do while with them.

Find below some of the reasons that boyfriend of yours will not marry you:

#1. He has had his fill of you: Women should stop blaming the men in their lives for whatever happens to them. It will be unfair to blame them for wanting to change their taste after having a particular meal for days or weeks. Your boyfriend may have little or no desire to marry you if he has seen everything you have to offer. You make love to him three times a day while you cook his meals. Some women even go on to enslave themselves by washing his clothes and subjecting themselves to manual labour.

We cannot blame the men when they fall in love with younger girls who they think have a tighter pelvic due to their sexual inactivity. Note that this is relative; your boyfriend may love you more because you do all these things.

#2. When you are full of problems: Most of the men in the society are conscious of the kind of woman they pitch their tent with. Parents warn their children against marrying a woman or a man that is a liability. Men want women who are emotionally stable; these women would be able to give them good advises and at the same time help them take care of their homes.

If the only thing you do to your boyfriend is talking about the problems you have in your family, then you are not sending a good message across to him. Do not blame him when he breaks up with you.

#3. When your ugly pasts show up: Your boyfriend may run out if he discovers some of the shady things you have done in the past. As much as he appears strong, he may not be able to deal with some of the gory things you have done in the past if they are going to have a direct impact on your lives. You do not expect your boyfriend to marry you after discovering you have had series of abortion in the past.

#4. When he gets to know you are cheating: Ladies consider some men to be silent killers because of the way they handle things. If your longtime boyfriend discovers you have been cheating, he would be deeply hurt. Some guys may confront you with the truth while some would simply play along and watch you act smart. Since it is quite impossible for you to lie to yourself, you should know that he may not marry you if he has caught you cheating many times.


#5. When he sees you as a bimbo: There is no doubt about men loving beautiful and curvy women; they want women who they can boast of and show off to their friends. But when it is time to consider something as serious as marriage, they will rather go for the intelligent ones. Men want women that would transfer good traits and qualities to their children. Do not be shocked if your boyfriend dumps you because of your level of intelligence.

#6. When you heighten the insecurity he feels: While many people think it is natural for men to be jealous and possessive, some women do things that will make the men go bananas. Your boyfriend may doubt your sincerity and love if you have lots of men flocking around you. Men generally feel funny dealing with women like that as they know they could be tempted to cheat on them.

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