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LADIES! Reasons Why Dating A Married Man Could Lead To Your Early Grave


Many ladies don’t consider a love affair with a married man as something improper. In fact, it is common to hear them claim that married men are the most caring of all lovers. No doubt, dating a married man could be so much fun, but let’s consider some dangers involved in such adventurous relationships.

1: He Will Never Love You Like He Loves His Wife: Many ladies find married men very interesting to date. Marred men are known to spoil their girlfriend with cash, gifts and affection. Some even go as far as abandoning their wives and children while engaging in extra marital affairs. Bu hay lady, don’t be fooled by the love and affection he is showing you. The truth is 90% of married men love their wives dearly, most of them engage in extra marital affairs for the fun of it and will do anything to protect their wives and children.

2: He Sees You As An Object To Satisfy His fantasies: Many ladies wondered why their married boyfriends who once appeared caring and loving suddenly change and become cruel. Well the truth is married men engage in extra-marital affairs for the 5ex alone and nothing more. While 5ex with a married man could be so adventurous and exciting.

For the married man, it is an escape from the boring routine of marriage life, don’t get it twisted, you remain a tool for 5exual gratification and when its all over he will return to a wife he said he was going to leave to be with you. He goes back to the love of his life while you remain single and alone.

3: Dating A Married Man Never Has A Happy Ending: The problem with ladies who date married men is that most of them foresee a future where there is none. They keep on hoping that one day the man would leave his happy family and come live with them. They envisage a happily ever after where there is sadly ever after.

There are only three endings in an extramarital affair and none of them looks good: Its either your married boyfriend kills you; you kill him or his wife kills you. Be warned a jealous wife would kill to protect a foolish husband.

4: You Stand A 90% Chance Of Been Attacked By A Crazed Wife: Some time ago I heard of a woman who attacked her husband girlfriend in a bar and stripped her naked, though the alleged girlfriend was on her period she was beaten blue – black and made to dance while the husband ran away on sighting his wife.


This is just one of many stories of girls suffering humiliation for dating married men. The dangers involved are much, you stand a 70% chance of been attacked by his wife. Nothing hurts a woman more than when she finds out that her husband has been sleeping with another woman. The fact is a woman never blames her cheating husband for his infidelity.


5: It Is Not A Matter Of If, It Is A Matter Of When You Will Be Caught: Many ladies allow themselves to be fooled by the thoughts that their secret relationship with a married man would never be exposed. What a wishful thinking. A crazed wife who suspects her husband of cheating will go to any length to unearth the truth. She is very observant and can detect the slightest change in her husband’s behavior. A suspecting wife is more determined than the FBI, CIA or any security agency in arriving at the truth and when she does you are a goner.

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