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If He Does These 30 Things, Date Him ASAP!


You should date the person with these characteristics.

#1. Date someone that urges you to tell your friends that he says hello whenever you get a text from one of them.

#2. Date someone that will sit through a movie with you that he’s already seen, so he can watch your reactions to it all.

#3. Date someone that will find a fancy spot to take you on a date, because he knows you want to show off the new dress you just bought.

#4. Date someone that will Tweet about your accomplishments when you’re too modest to do so yourself.

#5. Date someone that snaps pictures of you, even when you feel like a mess, because he thinks you look absolutely beautiful.

#6. Date someone that slows down with his drinking when you speed up, so he can stay sober and take care of you.

#7. Date someone that blasts the radio when your favorite song comes on, even if it’s one he can’t stand.

#8. Date someone that looks at you the same way your dog does when you first step through the door.

#9. Date someone that kisses you on the forehead as often as he kisses you on the lips.

#10. Date someone that will pull you closer when you’ve had a bad dream and will stay awake with you until you’ve calmed down.

#11. Date someone that will DVR some silly talk show without being asked, because your favorite celebrity was being interviewed on it.

#12. Date someone that only drives with one hand on the wheel, because he’s busy holding your hand with the other.

#13. Date someone that will come up with a believable excuse to leave a party when he realizes that you want to go home.

#14. Date someone that won’t be able to fall asleep until they get a text saying you got home safe.

#15. Date someone that will touch your butt in public when no one else is looking.

#16. Date someone that will tell his family about you long before you meet them, so they know who you are the second they see you.

#17. Date someone that always apologizes after arguments, because he hates being the reason behind your tears.

#18. Date someone that stops walking to pet any dog he sees on the street, because he loves animals as much as you do.

#19. Date someone that will drive you to the tattoo parlor, so he can hold your hand while you get the work done.


#20. Date someone that will order an extra large container of fries, because he knows you’re going to end up stealing some.

#21. Date someone that will spend money at the cinema, even though you want to see a kid’s movie that will be out on DVD soon.

#22. Date someone that knows how to prepare a homemade mealand knows the number for the closest Chinese restaurant.

#23. Date someone that will call you by a ridiculous nickname that makes you laugh every time you hear it.

#24. Date someone that loves the feel of your skin, even if you didn’t get the chance to shave that day.

#25. Date someone that doesn’t snap at you when you give him an attitude, because he knows you had a rough day and didn’t mean it.

#26. Date someone that can tell you’re crying by the hitch in your voice, even if you’re facing away from him.

#27. Date someone that is willing to give up his extra pillow or blanket so that you’re more comfortable.

#28. Date someone that steers the conversation in a new direction when someone asks you a question that he knows you’re uncomfortable with.

#29. Date someone that chooses to go grocery shopping with you, even though you could’ve gone on your own.

#30. Date someone that passionately kisses you as soon as you see him, whether you were out for an hour or haven’t seen him for days.

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