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Serious question: how do you feel about your number? Do you keep the real digit to yourself or does your BFF know too? Have you told your significant other the real truth or the number you arrive at when you divide by two? And how do you feel about someone after they’ve told you theirs?

Well, whether you think your number is big or small, share it or take it to your grave, you’re not alone. We’ve researched everything there is to know about your number and found out what most of us already guessed: some of us lie about it, some of us are proud of it, and other people judge you for it.

We also found out some things we never would have guessed. Like how your number affects your marriage prospects, and how it isn’t the only thing that can put your s’εxual health at risk!

HAD TWO PARTNERS BEFORE YOUR HUSBAND? You’re more likely to get divorced according to the study. But that’s not the only way s’εx before saying “I do” affects marriage…

HAVE NINE OR MORE PARTNERS BEFORE YOUR HUSBAND… And you graduate to the group of women who are less likely to get divorced. Does more experience really lead to a better marriage?

EIGHT IS THE AVERAGE NUMBER IF YOU’RE OVER 30: Among women and men, according to this study.

YOU’RE NOT THE ONLY ONE ATTRACTED TO TALL MEN: They have more partners than anyone, though short men are really the only ones who get the short end of the s’εx stick.

YOU CAN FIND OUT EXACTLY WHERE YOUR NUMBER FALLS: Have you had s’εx with more or fewer men than most other people? You can find out by entering your number here to find out where you fit in on the average.

MOST PEOPLE ARE OK WITH ANY NUMBER UNDER 10: It’s what most men and women answered when asked how many s’εxual partners it was okay for their significant other to have had.

YOU MAY HAVE HAD FEWER PARTNERS THAN YOUR PARENTS DID; As far as we’re concerned our parents never had s’εx with anyone and we were found in the cabbage patch. But if they did, several studies show that they had more partners than we did. Apparently millennials have had fewer partners than the last generation did.

MEN ARE MORE LIKELY TO INFLATE THEIR NUMBER: So if it sounds kind of high, relax. Study suggests that he might be rounding up.

YOU PROBABLY SHOULDN’T ASK YOUR PARTNER: Because, while everyone is curious, most of us don’t really want to know — and regret having the information after we get it.

VERY THIN WOMEN HAVE LESS S£X: Whether that’s good or bad, underweight women sleep with less partners than the average person.


WANT TO KNOW YOUR S£X DEGREES OF SEPARATION? The theory goes that you’ve slεpt with as many people as your partner has. And this calculator can tell you just about how many people you’ve been sεxμally exposed to — by estimating how many partners your partners have slεpt with.

HAVING LOTS OF S£XUAL PARTNERS ISN’T THE BIGGEST RISK FACTOR: The bigger threat? Living in a country with low sεx education and big judgments about sεxμality. Countries with people who slεεp with more people on average but have better sεxual education actually have lower STI rates. So be sure to stay informed — and go to your annual checkups.


WOMEN FUDGE THE TRUTH TOO: Have you ever tweaked your number math? While men are more likely to exaggerate their numbers, this study says women are more likely to divide by three!

YOUR NUMBER WAS KIND OF WRITTEN IN YOUR GENES: Whether you’re more likely to have a low or high number was determined before you were born.

PEOPLE WITH HIGHER NUMBERS HAVE MORE FRIENDS: People might secretly judge someone with a higher number, but they tend to be more outgoing than the average person — and that means more friends.

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