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DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME: 10 Way To Tell When A Man Is Playing Games


When it comes to other women, we can almost always tell off the back who is being real and who isn’t. But with men, things are different and a lot more complicated, especially in matters of the heart.

So how can you tell when a man is saying one thing but actually means something else? These are major red flags that should put you on alert:

HE HAS ZERO FOLLOW THROUGH. Say to him, “You said you’d call me — what’s up?” and he’ll promise to do better. And yet, he won’t follow through the next time with his promise. He can’t say he’s not going to call, but his actions prove that calling is low on his priority list.

HE FLIRTS…WITH EVERYBODY. The best way to tell if a man means it when he flashes that smile your way? See how he acts with other women who come around. If he seems to give the eye to every woman he meets, don’t take him seriously.

HE FLIPS THE SCRIPT. On Wednesday evening he treated you like the only woman in the world. On Monday, he acts like he doesn’t know you.

HE’S NERVOUS WHEN HE RUNS INTO HIS EXES. Because he knows the tea they have to spill about the real him.

YOU JUST DON’T TRUST HIM. Even if you’re not sure why, it’s best to go with the feeling. Trust your intuition.

HE PULLS A DISAPPEARING ACT. He’s there for the good times, but goes ghost right when you need him. That’s his way of letting you know you can’t lean on him.

YOU TELL HIM HOW YOU REALLY FEEL. And nothing changes. He said he felt the same way, but things haven’t gone to the next level. It’s his way of saying he’s not as interested in moving forward as he thought when he can’t use his words.


HE’S ALWAYS KIND OF UNAVAILABLE. Not picking up the first time you call and waiting until later is his way of saying “I’m not ready for a 24/7 commitment and to be there when you need me.” He’s just not real enough to say it.


HE SAYS NOTHING BOTHERS HIM. This is his way of saying he’s not interested in sharing his emotions with you.

HE SPREADS OTHER PEOPLE’S BUSINESS AROUND. Chances are your business is on the list of gossip topics, too.

HE CANCELS PLANS LAST MINUTE. It happens to everyone from time to time. But if he does it all the time, he’s clearly playing games and not interested in telling you that he’s just not that into you after all.

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