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Baby Making Mistakes Couples Make. PLEASE AVOID THEM AT ALL COST


When you’re trying to get pregnant, you should try not to get these mistakes in your way. According to recent statistics, it is said that most couples make a number of mistakes while trying to conceive, and this is the main reason why they are unable to start a family.

If, all this while, you thought that having an intercourse every second during the day is going to get you pregnant, you are completely wrong. Along with following those healthy sex positions, it is important for both men and women to watch what they eat, as the wrong type of foods can also play havoc in your chance of becoming a parent.

Keeping your paws away from bad habits too is ideally the best and the most important point. On the other hand, we live in a world where technology rules the roost, and couples have no time for each other, since they are stressing over unimportant things, which therefore leads to infertility.

So, if you are planning to have a baby anytime soon, here are some of the baby making mistakes that you should really avoid, so that you are blessed with a bundle of joy.

Too Much Of Intεrcoursε: Did you know that too much of intεrcoursε will not help you in conception? Rather, in situations like these, couples tend to burn out their energy, and thus this kind of an attitude doesn’t help in getting pregnant.

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Not Venturing To New Positions: Couples think that the m!ssionary pos!tion is the best and the ‘only’ position that helps to get a woman pregnant. However, this is one of the worst baby making mistakes couples make, since when a man εjacμlates, the spεrm swims out and go directly into the cervical mucus and into the fallopian tubes.

Mis-taking Ovulation: You should know that ovulation doesn’t always occur at the same time each month, it can fluctuate. Therefore, if you are following an old school of thought on ovulation, it is time to forgo this method and seek other options

Sticking To The Ovulation Date: Since it is important to have an intεrcoursε on the day of ovulation to get pregnant, most couples only stick to that one date and do not try the other days in the month. This baby mistake can prevent you from having a child. Experts state that if you’re well informed about your ovulation dates, you should try that entire week at the time of ovulation and not just that one day.

Using Lubricants: Commercial lubricants negatively affect spεrm motility, making it harder for the spεrm to reach the egg. This is another baby making mistake couples make when wanting to conceive.

Neglecting Your Bad Habits: If you want to have a baby, it is time to push aside those bad habits. Smoking, stress and alcohol will not only prevent you from becoming a parent, but will also invite other health-related problems.

Opting Out Of Sεx: Opting out of sεx is another mistake that doesn’t help you in conceiving. Yes, we all live in a busy world, but, at the end of the day, we all need a family to go to. So, it is good to make sometime to get under those sheets and make some love.
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