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8 Signs Your Girlfriend Is An Energy Vampire!!


People propagating negative energy are generally called as energy vampires. Some people carry positive energy with them whereas some carry negative energy with them. Generally, energy vampires tend to suck all your happiness out and make you feel bad all the time. If your girlfriend is someone who constantly criticises you and never lets you live peacefully then you are in danger.

In fact, clingy people, manipulative people, controlling people and needy people- all of them come under the category of energy vampires as they suck your happiness out. If anyone in your circle is like that you can distance yourself from them. But what if you end up with someone like that in a committed relationship? Well, before you commit yourself, it is better to identify such people and maintain safe distance. You can either choose to change them through therapy or move on to live a peaceful life.

Are you wondering how to spot them? Well, if you feel drained when you are in the presence of someone that is enough to explain that you are dealing with an energy vampire. Here are some more signs of such people.

She Keeps Complaining. Day in and day out, she keeps complaining about everything. She tries to blame you for everything that goes wrong in her life. She seems to enjoy complaining.

She Keeps Nagging: The moment she gets some free time, she keeps nagging you for something or the other. She keeps reminding you of some past mistake of yours to just spoil your mood.

She Needs To Win All Arguments, Otherwise… If an argument ever starts between you, it will never end. And yes, she has to win it and she speaks the last words. Her word is the final and if you say no, she will go to any extent to convince you otherwise.


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Sulking, Sulking, Sulking!! After nagging, comes sulking. She won’t talk to you once you have upset her. For hours or days together, she’ll be silent without talking to you. She tries to make you feel guilty for letting her down.

She Suspects You A Lot: When you are asleep, she will try to check your call logs and texts on your phone. She suspects you. She will never feel secure because deep down, she knows that she is an energy vampire and so she is scared that you’ll leave her one day.


Sarcastic Remarks: She doesn’t like to praise you at all. So, even if she has to talk about anything good in you, she’ll give sarcastic remarks as she is totally convinced that you are fit for nothing.

She Needs All The Attention: She either keeps bragging about her greatness or keeps blaming you about your uselessness. Your only choice is to silently listen and accept what all she says. If you fail to do so then she will start screaming or crying.

She Cries Without A Reason: Even for trivial things, she will start crying. She never lets you be happy. Her aim is to get all your attention though something.

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