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7 Types Of Men You Should Never Date Or Marry


“All that glitters is not gold” This quote applies for all those guys who don’t reveal their true nature. They seem to be perfect for a girl but have limitless imperfections that they are hiding inside their pockets.

Girls by nature trust a guy too early and this lets the guy cheat her easily. Later she finds herself with a broken heart and tears in her eyes. To add to the misery, girls take a lot of time to get back to the normal life and gather the broken pieces of their heart. Sad but true!

Therefore, it is important to be aware of these guys so that you will not commit the mistake of assuming them as the right man for you. Girls always believe in marrying the man whom they date and love. However, if by mistake, you marry such a guy who is not right for you then only God can save you.

It’s very important to know and understand the true nature of your man before marrying him. Here are some types of guys that you should never ever marry.


#1. Update Guys: These are the guys that always need your update. They will call you every now and then to know where you are and what you are doing. Even if you are in a loo, you have to tell him first. This is crazy and stay away from him. They can also turn out to be most dangerous freaks.

#2. Miser Guy: Well, its not all about money that counts but a guy who always pretends to forget his wallet or credit card (or pretends so) is not worth to start a relation with. It is a question of your self dignity. Don’t break your head with such a guy.

#3. Beauty Guy: These men frequently look into mirror and are too conscious about their beauty. These self obsessed men will make your life hell. They can go to the extent of plucking their brows and bleaching their face. They are called as ‘guys with beauty’, and are a really bad lot.

#4. The Mommy’s Boy: It’s good to like your mom and love her. But a mommy’s boy can take you for granted at times when you need him. They wear clothes according to their mom’s choice, they are afraid of their moms, they can’t take their own decisions and they may even ask “mommy which colour of underwear to wear today”.

#5. Guy Who Frequently Talks About Of His Ex: Never ever date that guy, as he may be using you for his revenge or to get back at his ex. He just needs your shoulder to cry on and your patience to listen to his long talks about his. But if you still like that man, go on and best of luck!

#6. The Guy Who Cheats: To Be With You If a guy cheats to spend time with you, then mind it he is a cheat by nature. Avoid such guys as they can cheat on you too. Don’t get happy that he cheated and lied for you. Marry a true man, ladies!

#7. Love At First Sight: Guy Love at first sight is only true in movies and not in real life. You may like a person at a first sight but can’t love him. In the same way, a guy who claims to have fallen in love with you in just a matter of seconds might be a pervert. So, take time to know him first before starting any relation. If after some years, you still feel that he loves you then, congratulations!

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