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There are seven different types of b’rεasts out there. And they say to get the best and most supportive bra, a lady needs to know her B00B SHAPE. So check out the following br’εasts and the bras that are the best fit for them:

#1. ASYMMETRIC: One bo*b is larger than the other. According to Women’s Health, asymmetrical br’εasts hold up best in bras with removable pads. Therefore, the padding for the larger br’εast can be removed, while the padding for the smaller one will help even things out.

#2. BELL SHAPE: The br’εast is slimmer at the top and full (a.k.a., heavier) at the bottom. A full-coverage bra usually has the wider straps heavier br’εasts need to be held up. Especially since heavy br’εasts can cause straps to slip, inevitably reducing support.

#3. EAST WEST: This br’εast type means the n’ipplεs are pointing outward. Push-up and T-shirt bras are your best bet because they help turn the br’εasts inward.

#4. SIDE SET: Members of the side set crew have a large gap in between their br’εasts, so a balconette bra is their best bet. The more fabric above the cups, the better.

#5. SLENDER: Slender bosom characteristics include thin br’εasts that point downward. Plunge styles help to provide a little lift, with or without padding.

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#6. TEAR DROP: Slightly similar to the bell shape, the tear drop shape is slightly rounder and less full up top. Plunge styles are also recommended for lift purposes, which helps to fill in the top.

#7. ROUND: Round br’εasts are equally full from top to bottom. While balconette bras flatter round br’εasts, women with this type can wear pretty much anything.

So, if you’re comfortable sharing, let us know which style you are and what type of bras not only flatter your shape but provide you with the necessary support.

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