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7 Common Symptoms Seen A Month Before Heart Attack!


They say, “prevention is better than cure”; however, how do you prevent a negative occurrence from happening, if you never see it coming in the first place?

Well, it is the same when it comes to diseases. Unless we see certain symptoms and warning signs, we will never know whether we are at the risk of a certain disorder or not.

Many a times, people suffer fatal consequences only because they never foresaw the symptoms of the diseases that they were affected with!

Cancer and heart ailments are such disorders, which normally show no warning signs until it is quite late for the affected people to go in for a treatment.

So, it is very important to keep a close check on our health and get regular tests done, in order to prevent and treat the underlying disease. Heart ailments are on the rise lately due to the fast-food culture and lack of time for a healthy lifestyle. Did you know that it is possible to foresee a heart attack, about a month before it occurs, by recognising some of the symptoms and warning signs?

Well, have a look below to find out more!

#1. Tightness In The Chest: If you experience tightness, pressure, burning sensation, etc, in your chest area, it may be time to consult your doctor.

#2. Unexplained Fatigue: Sudden bouts of extreme fatigue, with no apparent reason, could also be a sign of a heart attack, which can be noticed a month before!

#3. Prolonged Cold: If you are suffering from a prolonged common cold infection, it may also be a warning sign of a heart attack. When the heart isn’t receiving enough oxygen, your immune system gets affected.

#4. Swelling: If you notice swelling of the body parts like feet, abdomen, hands, etc, it may mean that the heart is pumping blood at an abnormal rate, thereby leading the veins to inflame.


#5. Shortness Of Breath: When the heart is weak, it does not supply enough blood to the lungs to function well, which therefore leads s to shortness of breath.

#6. Dizziness: If you feel dizzy quite often without a reason, and if you experience a constant headache, it could mean that your weak heart is not supplying enough blood to your brain, which is a definitive warning sign of a heart attack.

#7. Nausea: If you are experiencing constant indigestion, heartburn and nausea, even though you are eating healthy, it could mean that a heart attack is just a month away and you need to seek a health care professional’s advice!

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