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7 Categories Of Men Ladies Chase For Marriage


Every woman has certain things she looks for in a man; for some it is love, while some have a long list of traits their future husbands must possess. Many of these ladies forget that there is no perfect man in the world and those who seem to have a perfect bundle in marriage had to work hard to get there.


There are certain sets of guys that women would always find attractive irrespective of their physical looks and stature. Not being able to find these guys often make women remain single for as long as possible. Desperation and age often make them snap out of fantasies.

Find below the set of guys women would always chase for marriage:

#1. Artistes. There is this thing about celebrities that attracts ladies; fame is something everyone wants to be a part of. Many ladies chase artists who are celebrities with the hope of settling down with them. What many of these ladies do not understand is that most of these artistes are too reckless lovers; the prospect of marriage does not sell to many of them. Most ladies would not mind marrying celebrities.

#2. Guys who live abroad. For some silly reasons, women are attracted to guys who do not live in their native country. As soon as they get to know men who are not based in the country, they start to develop some fake feelings for them. Most of these ladies see these type of guys as tickets to the foreign countries. They do not want to know the kind of job the guys do while they are abroad, all that matters is living there with them. They go to any extent when it comes to marrying these guys so that their status could change.

#3. Politicians. Politicians are always loaded; most of them spend money anyhow and can afford to go on vacations anytime they want. Ladies chase after them because they know they would make a fortune out of them. Many of these ladies think being married to politicians would give them the life of comfort they crave for. Some of them end up being lucky while others do not enjoy the union.

#4. Car Dealers. Many of these guys move around in heavy cars and ladies love chasing guys who sell cars; the assumption is these guys are rich and they have been able to make major investments in life other than selling cars. Many of them are comfortable and have many properties in their names. What type of a lady would love to hustle? They basically want a ready-made man who would take care of their needs and help them live a flamboyant lifestyle.


#5. Doctors. Doctors get well paid in this part of the country; the respect accrued to that profession is also satisfactory. Ladies want to marry doctors and chase after them like no one’s business. They know their future would be bright if they end up getting married to this type of able man.

#6. Business men.  There are some men who are highly successful in the businesses they run. Many of them have affiliation with top politicians in the country. Ladies chase after men like these because they know what they stand to gain.

#7 Sportsmen. Sports is one of the profession that pays very well and ladies love men with deep financial pockets. What kind of a lady would say NO to Cristiano Ronaldo? or Floyd Mayweather? Or Husain Bolt?