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6 Little Things You Do That Annoy The Girls


“It’s a man’s world,” they say but maybe a little ‘respect’ on the women you sleep with will do you some good once in a while. Men are the most interesting people on this planet… like for real! They always think it’s a man’s world when challenged by women and use their pride/ego to get every drop of respect from anyone. Well, that’s not all, here are six other minute things they do that annoy the girls.

#1. Men hardly listen: We understand what she might be talking about – clothes, shoes, nails, hair – is not what you want to hear but can you just “pretend” you care? It’s really rude just punching your phone or concentrating on that video game while she’s talking to you.

#2. D!ck grabbing: Women find this habit disgusting, to say the least. Why are you grabbing your d**k in public like it’s too heavy? Some of the men even go as far as rubbing or scratching it without knowing in public or in a gathering. Totally wrong.

#3. Talking about other women: Yes! Yes! Yes! She is hot or the sεx was great but you are with another woman now. Can you please not talk about other women while on a date with your current girlfriend or wife?

#4. Admiring other women stupidly: Some men don’t even realize when they do this. They are caught stirring at another woman while another stands before them. Some men stair so much they forget where they are or who they are out with. No wonder some get slapped or dumped!


#5. Don’t ask for financial help on first dates: Some men are so irresponsible, they can’t hide their financial problems from a girl they just met. “Babe, my business is going down… I could make use of 100 – 500K to get on this new project of mine.” Is she your bank? Why don’t you get to know her first or are you with her because you need help?

#6. Don’t get drunk while out with “her” Some men don’t realize they need to compe.ct themselves when in public with their dates. They get into drinking with their friends and even get drunk in the presenceof their women! “Baby I know what I am doing, You’re not my mom,” some will say when told to slow down with the drinking. Stupid! How do you think your friends will regard your girl? Will they respect her when you can’t respect her in their presence?

Please men, if you can avoid these silly mistakes, she might actually take you seriously.

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