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6 Good Reasons To Leave Your Current Church


When it comes to matters of religion, people find it to be very touchy. So it is almost impossible for the average person to see something wrong with their churches.

However the truth remains that not all places of worship are good for the faith or will remain good for a Christian’s faith forever. The time will come when you will need to leave and move your search for God elsewhere.

The question is, how do you know when it is that time? Note that the reasons below might vary from place to place, and the ultimate decision still lies with you. Having said that, here are some reasons you might consider:

#1. Are your needs been met? The point of going to church usually is to fill your spiritual needs. If however, you currently attend a church were that need is not being met, then it might be time to consider, making a change. The need for a supportive community of faith, the need to feel close to the God you serve and the need to feel you are doing something right are some of the many reasons people attend churches. If these needs aren’t met, then it is time for you to move on.

#2. Scandals. Church scandal A scandal a day is one of the ways to describe some churches, and if this is true of the church you currently attend then it might be time to consider moving church. Before you move however, you should consider asking questions. Are the scandals, the work of detractors? Do they hold any water? If the answers you get are unsatisfactory, then you should consider leaving. A church should be something to be proud of, not one you have to constantly defend to outsiders for scandals.

#3. Worship of man. Worship of man is another problem Whenever you notice that your church has moved from the worship of God to the worship of particular man of God or pastor, then it might be time to consider a move. It is possible that some churches and their founders are people who are power hungry. So instead of the worship of God, the worship may become focused on the man in charge of the church or its founder. You easily notice this in using the pastor’s name in prayer or worshiping him like he is God.

#4. Financial obligations. Offering in church Giving to a church or in support of it is something that should be done voluntarily. If the church however seems to drain you financially, or becomes more interested in what you give financially instead, then you need to reconsider your stay in it. Repeated passing of collection boxes, huge and continued emphasis on giving financially to the church is a sign that the church is shifting focus, and it might be the time for you to move your search for God elsewhere.


#5. Increasing numbers. Huge crowd worshiping in a church It is possible that when you joined your present church, the numbers were few. Over the years, that church has probably grown in numbers. If there is no proper supervision by the church leaders, you might start to feel like a grain of sand at the beach, with no special feeling of connection. This might be another good reason to move on, because for many that feeling of belonging is important and it may be lost as the church grows in numbers, without proper supervision.

#6. Teaching and doctrines. Church doctrines The book, Christians follow is the Holy Bible. If the teachings in the church you currently attend differ from what the Bible teaches, then you might be in the wrong place. So do not just accept whatever anyone says. Do the research for yourself, and if there are differences, especially in the fundamental issues, then you should consider moving elsewhere.

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