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5 Ways Men Use To Silently End Relationships That Women Ought To Know


Most relationships end cowardly these days, men are used to allowing the fire of passion to sizzle out gently while they make their withdrawal. During this period, the men consider the ladies as expired products and leave them to figure things out by themselves.

Below are some of the things men do when they believe they have no use for the ladies in their lives again:

#1. They form activities. Men suddenly get busy when they want to venture out of a relationship these days. It is intriguing to know that the same guy who had all the time in the world to see to your affairs is suddenly not available. Men put on a busy front and tell women they have series of activities lined up for them to attend to at work. They do this in the subtlest and beguiling manner until the women finally give up on them.

#2. The money reduces. When a man who used to take care of your needs suddenly goes limp in that aspect and refuses to give in, then he has something up his sleeve. This is aimed at frustrating the women and making them run out of patience. Most men know that women are to an extent materialistic; not giving them the usual amount of money would in no time make them reconsider the relationship and move on.

#3. Your hanging out reduces. When a man considers a lady to be an expired product, he comes up with different excuses not to take her out anymore. Some ladies are gullible so they would still believe it when the men blame their actions on the present economic situation. You can be sure someone else has his attention while he is avoiding you.


#4. When he becomes reckless with you. A man who obviously wants to opt out of a relationship with a woman would no doubt start to misbehave. He would become careless and would not try to cover his tracks when he is with you. He could pick calls from other ladies in her presence and make no effort to hold back his thoughts about them. Ladies should be able to read the handwriting on the wall and know they have gotten to the stage of ‘Do your worse’.

#5. Meeting his family would be impossible. A man could promise a woman different things when they newly meet. He could try fulfilling his promises as they gradually move on. The moment he wants to leave that relationship, all the promises made no longer hold. When you feel stuck about meeting his family, start to prepare yourself for the inevitable and find your way out before he drops the bomb on you.

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