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5 Things To Know About Today’s Woman


Men need to know that the women of yester-years are far different from the modern day or urban women. Today, men are perhaps not needed for women to be happy or successful. They seem to know what they want and how to get it no matter the challenges they get to face. Have women changed from what we remember them to be from back in the day? If they have, then are men the cause of that change?

Here are five crazy things men need to know about today’s women.

#1. They are getting more independent. Maybe they are even more independent than men think they are. Women want to be on their own, handle their issues, make their own money and run their lives. Some women will even say marriage is no longer necessary to have babies and women don’t need to get married in order to be loved and respected in the society. This has generally affected the age at which women used to marry then and now. Well, because other top women have made it singular, others are inspired to take care of themselves first before anyone else.

#2. They are materialistic. Just because most women now are more independent, they tend to under-mind the financial power of a man. An urban woman wants to have the best clothes, shoes, cars, houses, hair, nails etc and have somehow stopped to care about the most important thing in life that they need – love – and have substituted that with the material things they just want.

#3. They are more expressive

Gone are the days when our mothers, grandmas and great-grandmas used to shut up when the men are talking. Today’s woman damns the consequences when she’s going for what she wants. Wives talk back at their husbands and female employees boldly ask for pay raise. Young girls are not afraid to ask for more in their relationships and don’t think twice to jet off the affair.

#4. They are less submissive in their relationships. The Bible clearly states that wives are to be submissive to their husbands but today’s woman will remind the men that they are also to love their wives just like Jesus Christ loved the church. Yikes! Wives are not afraid to talk back at their partners at home or in public and even refuse to take orders when needed. She too wants to be the boss or have almost the same rights as the man and hates to be treated like a “second class spouse or citizen.

todays woman

#5. They are more body conscious. Today’s woman cares more about her looks. She wants her face flawless and stomach as flat as they wall. Others have leaned towards cosmetic and plastic surgeries to achieve their beauty. They see body fat as a virus and don’t see fat gotten from child birth as normal, which was quite the opposite with the then women. Today’s women look up to female celebrities as role models when it comes to body shapes and curves and forget that everyone was born different and unique by God.

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