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5 Reasons Why A Real Man Never Cheats


We all come across the opportunity to cheat on our partners in life. You would be lying if you said no. This chance crosses everyone’s path. While it may be a clear NO for a lot of us, it might not be the same for many others for plenty of reasons.

Some might be going through a rough patch in their lives and like this chance of momentary happiness, or they might feel too lucky to let that opportunity slip from their hands or simple because they cannot control themselves. This is the same for men and women, both. But here we would discuss men and men only. Because I was to change the norm a bit, of how people usually think men are the ONLY cheaters, this is coming from a guy who was cheated on four times in his life.

Regardless of whatever the reason may be, cheating on your partner is inexcusable. It is despicable and utterly disgusting. Cheating has become extremely common nowadays even then we see true men staying loyal to their partners for their whole lives, this truly makes them real men. Here is why!

#1. REAL MEN FACE THE PROBLEM EVEN IF THEY HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO IGNORE IT AND FIND SOMEONE ELSE: Even if the relationship is going through a bad phase and you can see the relationship finishing in the future, you are still committed to that person and are bound to stay loyal to them.

A real man would take these commitments seriously even if it is the hardest thing to do at that point in time.

#2. REAL MEN KNOW WHEN TO STOP THEMSELVES: The boy outgrows the impulsive phase and realises the importance of switching off the too-young-to-care mode. A real man matures from that and realises the importance of true love, sticking together and making things work.

When an opportunity comes his way, a mature man will always think of his commitments that will stop him. The lame excuse that men and women both make – ‘ it was the heat of the moment’, nothing happens like that. Everything is possible, if someone truly cares about their partner they will control every urge and every signal of impulsiveness.

#3. THEY KNOW WHEN TO CALL IT QUITS: Instead of dragging things along and cheating on his girlfriend or wife, a real man has the guts to call things quits when he knows a relationship is no longer working for him. He will handle the situation as a responsible adult.

If he is in a relationship where he knows it isn’t going to work, or if the time comes when he has fallen out of love and knows he shouldn’t be stringing his girlfriend on any longer, he will sit her down and have an adult conversation with her about his feelings. He will not start acting single while he is still in a relationship.

#4. FOLLOWS HIS HEART, NOT EVERYONE ELSE: Sleeping around is becoming so common that it has become a band wagon. Everyone is doing it to fit in to that group. But a real man would care less about others and more about their relationships.

He will not be afraid to stand out or stand alone for that matter. He will not cheat for the sake of it neither will he cheat for anything else.


#5. A GOOD MAN HAS A CONSCIENCE: A simple reason, yes – but a strong one nonetheless. The constant guilt associated with cheating on a woman you love and then having to pretend everything is great when you are around her; I would imagine, is impossibly difficult. Also, a real man has his morals clear, for them there is no grey area either. For them, things are very clear and they have chosen to live by a the simple theory of ”right and wrong’, things are either right or wrong. There is no midway.

Cheating is disrespectful and as I have said before – utterly disgusting. It is casting someone else’s feelings aside because of something temporary you want. But not just something you want; something you want at the expense of your girlfriend/wife, and your relationship. Cheating is lying to someone, it is breaking their trust, and those are not the things you do to someone you respect and love.

If you really are committed at heart and want to spend the rest of your life with them, there is no force that can make you change your decision. So have faith in yourself and prove to your lady that she will be his, only, apple of your eye.

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