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5 Laws Of Loving A Man The Right Way


Just like the proverbial adage that says where there is no law, there is no sin. INFORMATION NIGERIA hereby write on 15 laws on loving a man the right way.

#1. Approaching him for intimacy.

#2. Do Not remind him constantly about things or to-do lists.

#3. No nagging.

#4. Verbally say that you admire him.

#5. Honor himm before the children.

#6. Do Not correct himm in front of others

#7. Do Not transfer your fears that he will treat you like your father treated her mother.

#8. Understanding that God established his leadership over you.

#9. Not acting like his mother, but like his wife.

#10. Showing gratitude for the things that he does.

#11. Flirt with him

#12. Keeping your lives private and protecting your confidences.


#13. Not manipulating him with s*x.

right way

#14. Simply greeting him with a friendly “hello” and kiss when he arrives home.

#15. Never belittling him to friends or family.

#16. Not comparing him to another man.

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