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5 Healthy Relationship Habits Most People Think Are Toxic


Often people dabble and wonder about the best ways to keep their relationship from falling apart. They ask their friends and family, who further counsel them into confronting their partner about what is bothering them, and chiding them for being over-friendly with the opposite sex.

But the question is, is this the right way of saving your relationship? We think that some couples know the right way of dealing with situations, but fall in the trap of considering them to be toxic for their relationship. Let us find out how some relationship habits that are far from being bad for the couple, and bring them closer instead.

#1. Accepting each other’s flaws. Initially, when we are head-over-heels for someone, we only look at the bright side and present our best selves to them to increase our likeability quotient. However, when you start living under the same roof, you come to know a great deal more. If you accept them for all their awkwardness and habits, we think that is the true sign of being in love with an imperfect person, who is perfect for you! After all, it is the imperfections and its acceptance that decides if you are going to be together forever.

#2. Evading conflicts. Sometimes you acknowledge that your love life will not be just about showering puppy love, holding hands and getting mushy all the time. There comes a time when your opinion may lock horns with your partner’s, and in situations like these, conflict is inevitable. Do not look for an escape or live in an illusion and ask questions like ‘how can this happen?’ By this, we do not mean to suggest that you battle it out either. Certain habits of your partner might affect you negatively, but learn to accept it. You should not just go about with one sole purpose of changing them so that they become more loveable in your eyes. Sometimes, it is okay to let go and not hold on to irrelevant arguments. Learn to make peace with it.

#3. Getting attracted to other people in your life. We all meet new people all through our lives. Some become special while some leave your life as if they never existed. Of the two, the special ones might remain special because you are attracted to them. This is not to say that your motive is to betray your partner. Some healthy flirting with other people is always good for a relationship. But, only if you know where to draw the line. You cannot cross the fence thinking your partner may not know. If you are going to cross the fence, ask yourself one question: ‘Is it worth sabotaging your current relationship?’ You will get your answer.

#4. Giving each other space and spending time away from each other. A lot of us are consumed by our romantic passions so much that we stop doing things we once loved. However, don’t you think you are leaving behind your individuality and becoming someone who is unrecognizable to your partner? Well, you may do this unknowingly or knowingly, but make sure you take time off from each other and do somethings that you both love in your own time. Spend some time with your friends, join a recreational club and pursue your hobbies; whether it is pottery, writing, learning to play a guitar or dancing.


#5. Being honest to the point that you’re hurtful to your partner. We love pampering our partners by saying the right things at the right time. But, what if there is something bothering you? Will you fake it and continue to keep that smile on your face? No, right? If truth be told, you need to be capable of saying stuff to your partner’s face without blaming them. It will create some resentment initially, but you have to be quite clear on why it is hurtful. Make sure you are not pinning them to the wall or making them feel responsible for your emotions.

The one conclusion you would have arrived at by now is that most times we end up making a mountain out of a molehill in our relationships. If we can tackle that, it will be a cakewalk and a dreamy journey for you both. A few tremours should not hold you from loving your partner. Just make sure you know the right ways to handle tricky situations, and you are sorted!

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