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5 Attitudes That Make You Less Of A Lady


Here are the five habits that rub you of your ladyhood in public;

#1. NOSE PICKING: Nose picking is absolutely terrible, especially when your crush or secret admirer is watching you. Most ladies always think no one is watching, but at that moment you slip a well-trimmed and polished fingernail into your nostril and you begin to pick your nose, someone might be watching. It is very scary, unhygienic and unladylike when you draw out the mucus and rub it under the table thus, learn to clean your nostrils while bathing and also go around with tissue papers or handkerchiefs always

#2. IMPROPER USE OF THE DUST BIN: You must never go with the crowd always. Instead of littering the environment when you are done taking your snacks or whatever you were eating, ensure to toss the cans or bags into the trash can and stop placing your over chewed gum underneath the table or wall. Simply cover it with a piece of paper and throw it into the bin.

#3. RANDOMLY ASKING PEOPLE FOR MONEY: Another very important thing for a lady is to try as much as possible to be hardworking and independent. It’s okay to ask your man for money, but you shouldn’t overdo it; make good use of your hands. Besides, asking strangers, people you just met or online friends for money is not so cool.


#4. CHEWING WRONGLY: You should take note of how you chew your gum. When you are chewing anything crunchy, close your mouth while chewing, be it gum or hard snacks, so as to avoid distracting others with that sound.

#5. FARTING WITHOUT TAKING PERMISSION. Agreeably, farting could be a reflex action, but when you have the urge to fart, take permission and walk away from that gathering. If you are with your man, you can ask him to excuse you to fart and you do your thing. Never act like a troll or a savage wild woman. Just learn to say ‘excuse me’ for whatever you do, be it sneezing, yawning and many others.

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