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4 Things To Expect For Being A ‘Nice Guy’ When It Comes To Relationships


It’s no doubt that ladies love bad guys, you know those guys with tattoos and look like they’ve murdered someone and made away with it. Ladies love those kinds of guys, immensely. They have this misguided notion that they can be super heroes and tame their wildness and their badness.

May be the phrase ‘ladies love a bad guy who can be good only to them and bad guys love good ladies who can be bad only to them’ applies to them.

This notion has really disadvantaged the good guys. Here’s what they go through:

Mtu wa mkono. The nice guys often want to look good, being there at a girl’s beck and call. He does this expecting to be given a chance that never comes. The nice guy will always be available when the lady needs him. If she has heavy luggage, she’ll call the nice guy.

Friend zoned. The level nice guys are in the zone that would be frowned upon by the infamous ‘team hyena’ is 99. In fact its bro zone. Here you’ll find a girl telling others that he’s her BFF. I highly doubt if there is any man out there who looks at a girl and be like, ‘damn, she’s too beautiful, I want to be her BFF.’ If you are that kind of guy you need urgent medical attention.

Relationship counselor. As it is with nice guys, they always break ladies heart, or have these endless dramas in their relationship. Having no one to run to, the heap all their troubles on the nice guys, asking what to do, and how to do what they do. The nice guy will dutifully advise her desperately hoping that she will give him a chance, only to learn that she has found a new guy, a bad one at that.


At the end of it, the girls will marry the nice guys. Once the bad guys are done, the ladies run to the good guys. At the end of the day they’ll realise they can’t tame the bad guys and end up marrying the nice guys. This is where the nice guys lose. They’ll get what have been used and rejected by the bad guys.

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