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3 Unexpected Reasons You’re Struggling To Get Pregnant


So if you’re struggling to get pregnant, here are three surprising factors possibly holding you back from successful conception:

#1. You (or your partner) are simultaneously choosing and resisting conceptions. This often occurs when one, or both, of you is quietly questioning the relationship on a subconscious level. While one of you is ready to get the bun in the oven, the other has mild to extreme resistance to staying married, parenting, or the idea of “family” in general. Either way, this can manifest celluarly as low sperm count, weak uterine lining, etc.

#2. You have unresolved sεxμal trauma or relationship issues. Some of my fertility clients have cleared early life sεxμal trauma, abortion trauma, and challenging relationship issues that resulted in a healthy and very joyful pregnancy shortly after.

Traumas negatively affect the body at a cellular level, causing emotional grid lock in multiple ways. Erica Berman PhD says fertility can prove quite challenging for anyone who has experienced sεxμal abuse. Finding a supportive space to release repressed memories, forgive the self, and find support to move into a more balanced emotional space creates a new foundation for healthy conception today.


#3. You have a soul agreement to adopt, use a surrogate, or come into parenthood in a non-biological way. Although, on the personal level you may yearn for a child from your own body; sometimes, on a deeper conscious level you’ve already committed with a foster or surrogate-carried child whom you can bond with just as strong, if not deeper than a biological child.

Often family pressure, social programming, and your own fears block your “true child” from becoming a possibility.

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