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17 Ways To Fix A Sεx-Starved Relationship


Sεx is the centre of most relationships when couples first meet. However, along the way there is lack of intimacy. If you are suffering from a sεxless marriage below are seventeen ways to revamp your sεx life with your relationship.

The majority of couples in a sexless marriage don’t really like to talk about their sex life to anyone but they can follow these tips to save their relationship.

#1. Start with yourself, ask yourself how the relationship got to this point?.

#2.Talking about sεx with your partner is difficult at first delve into the matter if you want fix the relationship.

#3. Just give your partner opens ears; don’t try to solve the problem.

#4. Don’t start the blame game, it will only deepen the rift between you.

#5. Talk to a sεx expert, there is no sεx problem that can’t be solve with the assistance of an expert if the couple are ready to commitment.

#6. Make it a priority to be kind, loving and caring to each other.

#7. The more you touch each other, the more you  will connect. Holding hands, hugging, kissing, cuddling is a good way to start your love life.

#10. Make changes at work and lifestyle. Decide which is more important to you. A date night every weekend is not a bad idea.

#11. Sit down together and watch sεx videos; take notes of moves that both can practise. Repetitive sεx positions is boring, learn new sεx positions online.


#12. Go for a couple’s massage.

#13. Get touchy, get nakεd and skin to skin connection is a faster way to bring spark in the relationship.

#13. Share your desires, what turns you on and others with your partner. It is more likely to get what you want from your partner.

#14. Spend quality time together. Take a vacation, just the two of you.

#15. Couple may experience huge leaps trying to reconnect but they must celebrate every single accomplishment and move forward

#16. There are some many things couples can do together. Share a hobby and be commitment to it.

#17. If you want to maintain the relationship, appreciate the little things your partner does and this can boost feelings of happiness and romance.

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