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16 Things Your Blood Type Says About You


Do you know that your blood type can predict your temperament, personality, nature, health, and your strong and areas. A research conducted in Japan on blood type and personality has shown that a blood group and personality can be closely related to each other. The characteristics of a person is based on his or her blood type.

That is why, in Japan, astrologers ask for the blood group instead of a zodiac sign. Your blood group can reveal much about your personality, including your health risks in future. In Korea and some East Asian countries, it is considered that everything about who you are can be told by your blood type.

There are four different kinds of blood types A, B, AB, and O. Your blood group can be more than just a medical term. They can determine your love life, work life, social life, your interest in people and your personality.

Do you know your blood type? If yes, go through the article to know what kind of a person you are and how people see you. It will be interesting to read out your own dark and bright aspects of your personality through your blood group. Have a look at what your blood group says about you.

Blood Group A: They have great endurance and are good at hiding their feelings. People with blood group A try to attain perfection and are organised. The other properties are that they are responsible, analytical, creative, well-mannered and sensible. However, their dark side is, being self-conscious, sensitive, obsessive, shy, reserved and sensitive.

Social Life-Blood Group A: They are the people who dislike getting into arguments and confrontations. They are trustworthy, kind and get hurt easily. They can’t enjoy big parties, as they like a small circle of friends. They can also get angry if you hurt them.

Work life-Blood Group A: They are the most reliable persons for work. They want to do everything perfectly and their work turns out to be the best. They can get stressed easily due to work, as they get obsessed with it.

Love life-Blood Group A: They are among the shy lots of people. They don’t open up easily in a new relation. Their partners should have patience, as they can gradually show up affection and love for their partners. They are also very selective people and once they have gelled with you, they will show you sides that only you are privy to.

Blood Group B: The characteristics of people having B type blood group are passionate, fun loving, creative, imaginative, optimistic, active, love to be independent and emotionally strong. However, they can be rebels, selfish, stubborn, revengeful and irresponsible as well.

Social Life-Blood Group B: They love to enjoy with friends and can lead a life of an event. However, it is hard to deal with them at times, as they want to do their own things and don’t listen to others.

Work Life-Blood Group B: They hate to follow the rules and do whatever they want, in terms of work also. Normally, they don’t cooperate with others easily and work on their own terms. They are, however, goal oriented and have high aims.

Love Life-Blood Group B: Partners of B blood group have to show much patience, as they are short-tempered and somewhat irresponsible. They always don’t mean what they have said in anger, as they really love their partner. They, however, love to bring fun in the relationship


Blood Group AB: The personality traits of people with AB blood group are that they are friendly, imaginative, intelligent, adaptable, interesting, sometimes unpredictable and philosophical. At the same time, they can be moody, emotional and sometimes selfish.

Social Life-Blood Group AB: They are interesting persons to be with and shower love to their friends. They are funny too and entertain people well. They can take part in intellectual conversations and prove to be best speakers. However, their emotions and unpredictable nature can let them down.

Work Life-Blood Group AB: They are the best people to work with, but they do get emotional easily and take things to their heart. This may decrease their productivity.

Love Life-Blood Group AB: People with AB blood group can never make their partner bored of them. Spending each and every minute with them can be fun and romantic. However, AB’s are sensitive and can sometimes hurt the feelings of their partners. Understanding them well is the basic formula for a better relationship.

Blood Group O: They are friendly, hard-working, confident, have strong will power, honest, curious and generous. Their negative side is that they can be obsessive, arrogant, irresponsible, easily distracted and aggressive.

Social life-Blood Group O: They are very flexible, open-minded, easy-going and like to socialise well with more people. People enjoy their company, as they please people and want their friends to be happy.

Work life-Blood Group O: They are obsessed with work and success. They work hard to achieve their goals, but can easily lose interest and get distracted. Sometimes, they need to be guided and monitored to get the work done.

Love life-Blood Group O: Their free nature may not be liked by their partners. People with O blood group are a bit careless with their partners and can’t show much love. However, they may know their importance, but their partners must understand that.

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