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13 Things Your Wife Secretly Wants You To Notice About Her


Your wife isn’t going to beg for your attention but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want it. When you notice things about her, she sees that you are investing in her, that you care. Here is a list of 13 things your wife wishes you would notice:

#1. She cleaned the house, even though it may look messy now. Although cleaning and maintaining a clean house may seem like an easy task, your wife works hard at trying to manage both. Even if you only notice one clean thing, let her know. It will make her day, we promise.

#2. She wants to be perfect. Nobody is perfect, but she wants to be. She wants you to know that she is trying hard to be the best wife she can be, because she thinks you deserve that. Notice that she is making an effort.

#3. She took extra time to get ready today. Getting ready for the day isn’t always at the top of your wife’s to-do list. So when you see that she’s wearing mascara and jeans instead of yoga pants, realize that she made an extra effort to look nice.

Tell her that.

#4. She is trying to be a good mother. Parenting is hard and being a mother can be exhausting, but she is trying her hardest to be the best she can be. Sometimes she falls short; don’t dwell on that. Instead, notice the things she is doing right and praise her for those.

#5. Sometimes she cries and that’s okay. Emotion is not a sign of weakness. When you see her crying, don’t turn the other way; embrace her. Instead of solving her problem, which we know you want to do because you hate to see her sad, listen to her and tell her things will be all right. She needs you to hold her every once in a while.

#6. She needs to be touched. She loves you and she loves to be touched. Embrace her in a warm teddy bear hug or grab her fiercely for a romantic kiss. She’ll love it.

#7. She went out of her way to do something special for you. Simple acts of love can take more effort than you may think. Recognize that the act of doing the token of love is just important as the token itself.


#8. Sometimes she’s too tired to show she loves you. Even though she might collapse into bed shortly after getting the kids down, she would rather be spending the night binge-watching Netflix with you. She is tired and wishes she had the energy to focus on you and your needs (because she loves you lots).

#9. She tried something different with her hair. Women can easily become self-conscience when it comes to changing up their appearance. Commenting on the change – in a positive way – can help ease that anxiety and boost her confidence.

#10. She tries to be successful in what she does. Your wife works hard at trying to be her best in all she does. Even when her best isn’t where she wants it to be, she is trying.

#11. She folded and put away all the laundry. This near impossible task calls for a celebration. Scoop her up in your arms and take her out for ice cream. She deserves it.

#12. She is overwhelmed at times. It is more than likely that your wife feels overwhelmed multiple times during the week. Be aware of her needs and offer unsolicited help from time to time.

#13. She doesn’t think you’re an ATM. Women sometimes are stereotyped as spending money left and right. Your wife wants you to notice that she respects money and works hard to spend wisely.

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